Transfer Cell

The PIREN-Seine transfer cell: Ensuring the transfer of knowledge to civil society

The knowledge transfer cell aims to promote the generation of scientific knowledge originating from PIREN-Seine research, and furthering the availability of this information to a wider public, from water management professionals through users to elected representatives.

Launched in October 2016 by the association ARCEAU IdF, this cell is the result of a fierce desire by researchers to participate in the transfer of scientific and technical knowledge to civil society. It is therefore tasked with the drafting and publication of theme-based worksheets, the organisation of reflection workshops bringing together researchers and operators, and the online availability of scientific content targeting both professionals and the wider public.

ARCEAU IdF (Association Recherche-Collectivités dans le Domaine de l’Eau en Ile-de-France) is an association which is mainly focused on the transfer of knowledge and multi-scale transversal measures in the field of water. With a unique structure, it aims to be a venue for pluralistic debate, forging a link between scientists, service practitioners and elected territorial representatives.


Alexandre Deloménie, head of PIREN-Seine transfer cell, and Irina Séverin, Director, ARCEAU IDF