Phase 7 of the programme

A word from Nicolas Flipo, Programme Director

Since 1989, PIREN Seine has brought together many research teams with the water operators in the Seine basin in order to generate fundamental knowledge regarding the way in which the basin operates. Relying on a multidisciplinary scientific approach, the programme has enabled the development of tools and methodologies which allow water and material flows to be connected with the communities living within the territories of the basin. In this way, a number of trajectories in the Seine socio-hydro-ecosystem have been documented, particularly concerning the flow of material associated with the basin’s intensive and hyper-productive agricultural model.

Today, this body of knowledge and tools allows us to mobilise in response to strong social demand for proposals for action programmes, within a context of significant climate, social and environmental change, in order to construct a diversifying and resilient socio-ecosystem.

What changes are required to the agricultural system? What development strategy is needed for tomorrow’s cities? What accommodations are required in order to encourage biodiversity? These are only a few of the questions which are at the heart of the 7th phase of PIREN Seine.

Nicolas Flipo, Director, PIREN-Seine

The objectives of Phase 7

The objective of PIREN-Seine Phase 7 is to gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms which regulate water resources, in order to offer water management which is compatible with agricultural, environmental and urban challenges.

This is why PIREN-Seine has set itself the task of formulating scenarios for adapting the basin to climate change, becoming a driving force for concrete proposals relating to the field of ecological renewal of water courses, and to further define on an ongoing basis our understanding of the biological, physical and chemical interactions which regulate the dynamics of the basin.