Video: legacy phosphorus

At Synchrotron Soleil, a PIREN-Seine team is studying a fundamental element of our anthropo-ecosystem: phosphorus

Led by Gilles Morin, this IMPMC team seeks to understand the interaction mechanisms between phosphorus contained in river sediments and the rest of the environment, to know if it can still represent a source of water contamination. .

The researchers are working on the LUCIA line of the Synchrotron Soleil, to try to unravel the mysteries of this element. The organization has called on a production company to produce a short video on this theme, which makes it possible to better understand not only the interest of this research, but also their integration into the more general approach of PIREN-Seine, thanks to the participation of Gilles Billen, another researcher in the program, who specializes in the transfer of nutrients into the environment.


Legacy phosphorus

Duration: 5.11

Copyright: SOLEIL

Filmmaker: Ya+K prod

Date: 2018

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