AXIS 3: Territorial awareness and growth

Axis 3 aims to pool and enhance the knowledge produced by researchers in Axes 1 and 2 for the inhabitants of the territories of the Seine basin, with a view to achieving a better understanding and quantitative and qualitative management of the water and aquatic environments.

In order to do so, it combines knowledge of contaminant flows and water table-river transfers generated from PIREN-Seine models, and evaluations of watercourse restoration operations, with the possible futures of water resources in the rural and urban territories, on the basis of transformations of practices in society as a whole.

It restates this new knowledge in contrast with that produced by PIREN-Seine researchers since 1989 and that provided by its partners since the 1970s. This will allow the reconstruction of the quality trajectory of the Seine over the longer term, and an analysis of the role of networks of monitoring stations to describe and anticipate water and environmental quality.

Together with all of the PIREN-Seine researchers and partners, it organises reflection workshops on the position and the role of river and water table measurements, the exchange of data and information between scenarios and models, the status of data generated from modelling and scenarios, and the presentation of their results and the associated uncertainties.


Catherine Carré and Laurence Lestel, representatives, Axis 3.