AXIS 2: hydroecological functionning

Axis 2 aims to define the operation of the hydro-ecological corridors (in the sense of waterways and rivers extended to their riparian environments integrating ecological dynamics) in order to evaluate the impact of river landscaping measures and the restoration of aquatic environments. In order to do so, this axis relies on approaches which combine on-the-ground measurements, laboratory experiments, and modelling.

The evaluation of the potential fates of these hydro-ecological corridors will enable the effect of these measures to be anticipated in hydrological, sedimentary, morphological, thermal, biogeochemical and ecological terms. Axis 2 aims to better understand and simulate the future distribution of fish species, in relation to the morphological state of the environment, the bio-geo-physical descriptors of the environment (flow, temperature, quality) and the toxicological pressures related to the practices of human populations on the scale of the territories of the Seine basin, on the basis of a very limited awareness of the terrain over time and space.


Alexandre Gélabert and Agnès Rivière, representatives, Axis 2