AXIS 1: Territory and uses

Axis 1 focuses on the urban and rural territories of the Seine basin, a basin which is largely structured around a rapidly expanding urban centre and intensive agricultural activity. Both of these have significant impacts on the aquatic environment, while at the same time being largely dependent on it.

This axis therefore aims to develop a prospective approach for urban and rural territories and for their mutual evolution. This approach requires identifying the dynamics at work within the territories, studying, at an appropriate scale, the matter and substance flow cascades, and analysing their consequences in terms of water quantity and quality, as well as the condition of the aquatic environment. These analyses will enable the construction of future scenarios for operation and interactions in these territories, as well as to evaluate their environmental consequences on the water resource and on the sustainability of hydro-agro-socio-eco-systems.


Sabine Barles and Johnny Gaspéri, representatives, Axis 1