The first worksheet: "4 pages from PIREN-Seine"

The first 4-page worksheet for the programme, "PIREN-Seine Launches Phase VII", has just been published.

fiche-4p-ph7.pngPIREN-Seine is committed to communicating scientific knowledge to an ever-wider public.  That’s why the knowledge transfer cell has announced the publication of a new collection of accessible summary documents: 4 pages Ron PIREN-Seine. These fact sheets, which will deal with the topics covered by the programme’s researchers, will provide a better understanding of the challenges associated with environmental research in the Seine basin.

Titled “PIREN-Seine Launches Phase VII”, the first worksheet in this collection provides an introduction to the latest phase of the programme, and covers the research axes and the objectives set for 2020. Available in an Imprim'vert and PEFC printed version, the fact sheet can also be downloaded for free from the PIREN-Seine website.

You can download it here.