PIREN-Seine in La Houille Blanche

PIREN-Seine has published a contribution in the magazine La Houille Blanche on the exchanges which took place during its 2016 conference.

fiche-4p-ph7.pngThe 2016 PIREN-Seine conference provided a venue for large numbers of researchers and programme partners to exchange views on the consequences of flooding, the adaptation of the basin to climate change, and on the role of researchers in civil society. The debates which took place during these sessions brought forth points of views from the various stakeholders, but specifically opened up avenues for reflection involving all of the professionals in the water and environmental worlds, as well as civil society and the media. Questions about the management of extreme events in the Seine basin and the transformation of human society in the face of the challenges of climate change brought up the question of the responsibility of researchers with regards to the usefulness, and the uses to which the knowledge which they produce is put.

These exchanges are the subject of a contribution to the specialist magazine La Houille Blanche, published in their February 2017 issue, and available on the La Houille Blanche website, under the heading: Contribution from PIREN-Seine, CNRS ZA Seine research programme - Flooding, climate change and the position of researchers: looking back on the PIREN-Seine annual conference.

The article is also available for download here.

You can also find the complete 2016 conference report on the PIREN-Seine website.