A seminar on (the) water

As part of the European C-Cascade project, a seminar was organised on a barge on Friday 17th November, in Paris.

Nicolas Flipo

This project supported the European scientific teams involved in research into the impact of CO2 on the climate.

Nicolas Flipo, Director of PIREN-Seine, was present at the event to present the programme, and particularly its beginnings, and its major advances in terms of understanding the state of the bodies of water in the Seine basin. The day was in fact intended to introduce this body for environmental research on the Seine basin, and marked the end of a week of workshops and conferences bringing together researchers from a number of European countries, including France, Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

To mark the event, the presentations were held on a barge as it sailed along the Seine. Between two Parisian monuments, from the Canal Saint Martin to the Eiffel Tower, the participants watched five presentations, intended to introduce them to a number of environmental research programmes and bodies in the Seine basin.

The first, given by Dominique Joly, was a dedicated introduction to the Institut Ecologie et Environnement (INEE) at CNRS. It is, amongst others, the body which provides a framework for the Zones Ateliers (ZA) du CNRS. The three presentations which followed provided presentations on the 3 programmes which make up the Zone Atelier Seine: PIREN-Seine, the OPUR observatory, introduced by Johnny Gasperi, and finally the GIP Seine-Aval, presented by Nicolas Bacq. Finally, Jean-Marie Mouchel ended the morning by introducing ZA Seine, of which he is the director, and giving details of the different projects, both present and future, which are the product of the collaboration between the three research programmes.

Dominique Joly, CNRS INEE

Nicolas Bacq, GIP Seine-Aval

Johnny Gasperi, OPUR

Jean-Marie Mouchel, ZA Seine









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